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Keeping the air quality in your home at a high and healthy level is important to helping maintain a healthy home or business. Depending on where you live, and what the weather is like in your specific area, the air outside can have many things in them that could cause your overall health to drop a bit. Pollen in the air can trigger allergies, dust and other contaminants can cause potentially offensive orders to permeate your home, and even the cold and flu viruses can make their way in.

So what options are available to you to help keep the air quality in your home at a high and safe level? Our expert staff here at WC Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing has the answers you’re looking for.

The first line of defense that you have to keep your air quality levels up is to keep up on your air filtration systems. Each home that has a heating or cooling system has, somewhere within the system, an air filter. Over time, it builds up and needs to be cleaned or replaced, and doing so will help keep solid contaminants out of your home.

While air filtration works wonders for many air born contaminants, it doesn’t necessarily capture and filter out microbes that are too small. The cold and flu virus are good examples, as are other bacteria. To protect your home against these tiny attackers, we suggest an air purification system – a small system that sanitizes the air and destroys the microbes before they have a chance to get into your home.

We also suggest that you get your air ducts cleaned on a semi regular basis. Dust and other debris builds up and can potentially clog airways in the duct system itself, and can throw its content out into your home. Our professionals have the experience and specialized equipment to take care of the entire process without making a mess.

Whatever problem you’re having with your home’s air, you’ll find the perfect indoor air quality service & solution from WC Heating & Air Conditioning. That’s because we offer a selection of indoor air quality products no one else can match—all designed to make your home healthier without producing ozone, a lung irritant that can cause shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing.*

From industry-leading air purification to high-efficiency filtration, WC Heating & Air Conditioning gives you a variety of innovative options for getting rid of bad air in your home like allergies, asthma, and disease causing bacteria. We have products with a Merv 16 rating, the only certified Merv 16 system rated for general surgery rooms. We don’t stop with filtration but we also promote in home air purification.

Since 2000, We Care Plumbing Heating & Air has been providing air quality improvement services to Southern California residents. Please contact us today to find out how our staff of experts can help you increase the air quality in your home. We’ve got the answers to your questions and can guide you through the entire process. Ask our comfort advisers how to take advantage of the new HERO Financing Program!

*U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, “Smog—Who Does It Hurt? What You Need to Know about Ozone and Your Health,” July 1999

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